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Some of the best selling bourbons and American whiskies in the world fall into this category including brands like Jack Daniel's Old No.7, Buffalo Trace and Jim Beam White Label. Those whiskies are great and we at Bourbon Whisky are huge fans of all three. However, there are, less well know value bourbon brands available in the UK.

There is also a lot to choose from with typically more than 20 different bourbons and whiskies available at any particular time. Even though these are value bourbons, the variety is also good. For less than £25 you can find aged bourbons, ingredient variations like corn and wheat, and niche brands. There are also experimental spirits and limited releases.

To find bourbons for less than £25 simply use the search box above. You can search for your favourite brand, or you can find all brands that are currently available by entering nothing and clicking search.

Here are the types of bourbons and American whiskies that you will find for less than £25:

  • Blended - This is a production method that is used in just about all Scottish and Irish whiskies. It involves blending different barrels of whisky together to get the perfect taste before bottling.
  • Bourbon - Not all American whisky is bourbon, but you will find many excellent examples of bourbon for under £25.
  • Tennessee Whisky - The most popular brand in this category is Jack Daniel's. It is used to describe whisky made in the state of Tennessee.
  • Rye Whisky - The ingredients in rye whisky must be at least 51% rye (bourbon must be at least 51% corn). It is a more traditional type of American whisky with a spicier taste.
  • Aged bourbon - Many bourbons and whiskies that are available for under £25 are aged for about four years. However you will also find some that have spent longer in the barrel - as much as eight years in come cases.
  • White Dog - White grain spirit (also known as White Dog or moonshine) is a spirit that has not been aged. Often the distillation process is very similar to bourbon whisky. However white grain spirits do not spend any time in barrels.
  • Flavoured - There is a strong and growing market for flavoured bourbons and spirits, particularly for cocktails making. You will find flavourings like honey or cherry.

So, as you can see, the range of bourbon whiskies available for under £25 is diverse. This will allow you to explore many different styles without breaking the bank.



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