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Bourbons over £80

Our super-premium selection is about those extra-special bourbons, each of which is unique in its own way. All are made with extra care and attention, usually by the biggest and best distilleries in the US. Some are regular releases, others are on the verge of becoming collector's items.

All are reassuringly expensive - they have to be over £80 to make it into the category but many are over £100. The reality is these bourbons and American whiskies will be out of the reach of most people in terms of a regular purchase. If you are fortunate enough to be searching in this price bracket though, Bourbon Whisky can help in your selection.

There is a diversity in styles in this category. You will find, for example, some bourbon whiskies that have been aged for a very long time. For a bourbon, anything over 12 years is exceptionally long.

You will also find special edition bottles usually made in small production runs which make them rare. But some of the most exciting and interesting bottles on this list are the ones that are experimental or use unique production methods. This is something that both the big manufacturers and the small artisan producers are involved in. You will find some stunning and unusual offerings from  both.

This is a category for the discerning drinker and collector who wants to expand his or her knowledge and experience.



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