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Bourbons priced between £25 and £40

When a bourbon whisky falls into the price range of £25 and £40 it is still very affordable. And you always get something more. It could be a special edition or it could be made with special ingredients. Other quality measures include age and unique production methods. What all these bourbons and American whiskies have in common is that they are made to a very high standard.

Bourbons in the value category (cheaper than £25) take up most of the positions in the top seller lists, both here and in the US. That is to be expected. For a few pounds more, however, the level of quality and the choice available significantly increases.

The range includes single barrel bourbons, award winners, cult brands and bourbons matured for more the twice as long as the brands we find on UK supermarket shelves.

Quality, individuality and affordability is what we look for in this range of bourbons.

A couple of the bourbons and American whiskies that you will find here will be available in supermarkets and off-licences in the UK, but the vast majority will only be available online.

To find bourbons for less than £25 simply use the search box above. You can search for your favourite brand, or you can find all brands that are currently available by entering nothing and clicking search.

Here are some of the types and differences that you will find to help make your choice a bit easier:

  • Ingredients - Bourbon whisky is made with set ingredients but you will find other great American whiskies made with different combinations and quantities of grain. 
  • Blended - Blended is a method of production that involves mixing many different bourbon barrels together in order to the right taste. This is the most common type of bourbon whisky available and you will find many great examples here.
  • Small Batch - A small batch bourbon is made by mixing together different barrels, but there is a difference when compared with Blended bourbons - the quantity of barrels used.
  • Single Barrel - as the name suggests, Single Barrel Bourbons are bottled from a single cask without mixing or blending.
  • Age - Most of the bourbon whisky bought in the UK is aged for around four years. However, for between £25 and £40 you will find brands that have been aged much longer - as long as 12 years in some cases.
  • Special Editions - Special and commemorative edition bottles of bourbon whisky often fall into this price range.

Variety is the key word when it comes to bourbon whisky in this price range. The upside to that is that you get to explore the world of bourbon and American whisky without paying massive prices. How good is that!



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