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Bourbons priced between £40 and £80

This category is where the bourbon whisky gets serious with every example delivering something special. Selections could be an award winner; made with unique ingredients; be very old; or very strong. This is bourbon of unquestionable quality, style and sophistication.

The price range £40 to £80 in itself is a statement. Very few will be able to afford this on a day-by-day (or even a week-by-week) basis. That is where Bourbon Whisky comes in, to help you make the right decision. Bourbons and whiskies in this price range are statements about personal taste and they are usually prized possession. These are bottles to be sipped and savoured rather than simply drank.

Bourbons and whiskies in this price range are rarely found in shops or supermarkets, with the exception of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel. So unless you have a specialist retailer close to you this is the best place to find top quality, premium brands. And even if you do have a specialist retailer close to you it is unlikely they will be able to beat the prices you will find online.

To find bourbons priced between £40 and £80 simply use the search box above. You can search for your favourite brand, or you can find all brands that are currently available by clicking search without typing anything in the box.

Here are some of the types and differences that you will find to help make your choice a bit easier:

  • Single Barrel - Many of the bourbons and whiskies that you find in this price range are single barrel. This means the contents of your bottle come from a single aged barrel. It takes greater skill and attention to detail to produce a single barrel bourbon or whisky. There are also subtle differences between bourbons that of the same brand that are not from the same barrel. So when you buy a single barrel bourbon, you are essentially buying a unique bourbon.
  • Ingredients - There are a range of different ingredients to be found in the premium category. There is obviously traditional bourbon ingredients plus common styles like rye, wheat or even single malt. You will also find more unusual ingredients in this category, including some experimental brands.
  • Commemorative Bottles and Collector's Items - Most of the main American producers regularly create commemorative bottles for collectors. They typically fall into this price range and are often released in limited quantities. Jack Daniel's is one of the most prolific producers, but other well known brands do something similar.
  • Age - Age is a key factor in the production of bourbon and other types of American whisky. As the barrels used in the aging process are new, they have a large influence on the end result. When it comes to bourbon, more time spent in a cask means more time soaking in the characteristics of the wood.

Every bourbon and American whisky available in this category is special. Every one is so much more than simply a whisky in a bottle. Instead it has a story to tell. Those stories could be the way it was made, the way it was aged, the history behind the brand, or the details of the person or event that is being commemorated.

And they taste great too!



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