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Bourbon whisky website review – Buffalo Trace Saloon

Buffalo Trace Saloon website reviewThis is the first is what we expect to be a long series of reviews of websites that are about bourbon whisky. There are blogs and websites from the distilleries themselves. There are also websites for specific brands, but some of the most interesting sites on the internet are in the social media sphere, and that is where we are today.

Buffalo Trace Saloon is the Buffalo Trace Distillery’s social media website designed to encourage you to interact (as opposed to just read), sign up (through Facebook) and promote the distillery and its brands (by telling your friends on Facebook).

If you are like some of us here at Bourbon Whisky who do not understand the attraction of Facebook, do not have the time, or could not be bothered, you might be ready to click off this page. Stick with us, however, as Buffalo Trace Saloon is actually good, even for those of us who are Facebook-challenged.


There are a number of sections to Buffalo Trace Saloon. One is The Master Distiller’s Room. This has a profile of Harlen Wheatley, his blog and a range of videos, many of which are Harlen Wheatley explaining the various stages of producing bourbon whisky. There is also information about Buffalo Trace and its range of bourbons.

The games section lets you play online darts or Buffalo Trace trivia. The Bar has drink recipes while Grillin’ has food recipes, all Buffalo Trace related. There are also contests, including Bourbunny of the Month – the website says: “If you think they’re hot, send ‘em a shot.”

A lot of the site is silly fun, although there is nothing wrong with that. There is also some good information and the videos are great. This is well worth a look if you have 30 minutes to spare while sipping your drink.



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