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Bourbon whisky website review – Buffalo Trace Saloon

Buffalo Trace Saloon website reviewThis is the first is what we expect to be a long series of reviews of websites that are about bourbon whisky. There are blogs and websites from the distilleries themselves. There are also websites for specific brands, but some of the most interesting sites on the internet are in the social media sphere, and that is where we are today.

Buffalo Trace Saloon is the Buffalo Trace Distillery’s social media website designed to encourage you to interact (as opposed to just read), sign up (through Facebook) and promote the distillery and its brands (by telling your friends on Facebook).

If you are like some of us here at Bourbon Whisky who do not understand the attraction of Facebook, do not have the time, or could not be bothered, you might be ready to click off this page. Stick with us, however, as Buffalo Trace Saloon is actually good, even for those of us who are Facebook-challenged.


Jack Daniel's Scenes from Lynchburg Series

Jack Daniel’s started selling the Scenes from Lynchburg series in 1998 to commemorate the historic location of its distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Originally there was only supposed to be seven, but Jack Daniel’s has continued to make more.



Making Jim Beam bourbon whisky

The secrets

Jim BeamThe James B Beam Distillery where Jim Beam is made is in Kentucky, USA. It has been there since 1795 when Jacob Beam sold his first bourbon whisky, starting a brand that would become a world leader. The location in Kentucky provides one of the key elements of Jim Beam bourbon whisky – the water. The water is naturally filtered through limestone so is iron-free and calcium-rich.



Jim Beam: Seven generations of distillers

Seven generations of the Beam family have headed the distillery making Jim Beam bourbon whisky for more than 200 years. While the company is not owned by the family anymore, they are still involved in the production and are the public face of the brand.
The Jim Beam website describes them as “seven proud generations of hard-working, bourbon-loving men who have stayed true to their family’s namesake.


Jack Daniel's is not a bourbon, it is a Tennessee whisky

That is correct, Jack Daniel's whisky is not, technically, a bourbon. It uses many of the same methods of production and according to the technical definitions, it could qualify as a bourbon. But the founder of the Jack Daniel's Distillery, and the man who lent his name to one of the most famous whiskies in the world, Jack Daniel, was too canny a business man to let his whisky be classed with all the others.


Jack Daniel's production process

Jack Daniel's is a Tennessee Whisky, not a bourbon, so its production is unique. A number of elements come together to create the drink in our Jack Daniel's bottles - the location of the Distillery and the water used, charcoal mellowing and the barrels.


The legend of Old No.7

Why did Jack Daniel call his famous whisky Old No.7? The answer is no one really knows. The brand became recognised globally after it was named best whisky in the world in 1904. But the reason for giving the whisky such an intriguing name went to the grave with Jack Daniel.


Jack Daniel

Jasper Newton "Jack" Daniel was an American entrepreneur who founded the Jack Daniel's Distillery. He led a fascinating life, some of it shrouded in mystery, some steeped in legend. His legacy is not in dispute though: he created one of the most famous whiskies in the world.



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