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November: Cheapest Month To Buy Jack Daniels And Jim Beam

Cheapest month to buy Jack Daniels

There are two American whiskies you can be sure of getting at any off licence or supermarket in the UK – Jack Daniels and Jim Beam. They are the biggest selling American whisky brands in the world so that is not surprising. What is surprising is that right now they are cheaper than ever.

At Bourbon Whisky we monitor the prices of these two American whisky favourites with a particularly keen eye on prices at the big three supermarkets – Tesco, Sainsburys and ASDA. The trends are interesting.

In 2012 the cheapest month to buy Jack Daniels or Jim Beam in the supermarkets was in November. That pattern is continuing this year.

At the time of writing (8 November 2013) a 70cl bottle of Jack Daniels can be bought at Sainsburys for £16.00. The other big supermarkets are not far behind – Tesco are offering it for £17.00 and ASDA for £18.00. Regular drinkers of Jack Daniels will know that this is a very keen price. The average price over the last 12 months has been £23.58, 47% more expensive than it is today. The highest price for a 70cl bottle of Jack Daniels that we recorded this year was £29.00 which is 81% more expensive than it is today.

This shows how much fluctuation there is in the price. It also shows that for the last two years, November has been the best month of the year to get a bargain on Jack Daniels.

The same applies to Jim Beam. While the price of a 70cl bottle of Jim Beam White Label does not fluctuate as much throughout the year, it is at its cheapest in November. The average price during the year was £16.95 but you can get a bottle today from all three of the big supermarkets for £15.00. The most expensive it has been in 2013 is £20.

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