Old Potrero

Old Potrero


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•  100 percent Rye
•  Produced using a small copper pot still
•  Traditional American style
•  ABV 48.5%, 70cl


Old Potrero is a Straight Rye Whisky made the way 19th century American distillers produced whisky. This is one of the closest modern examples of a US whisky made in a truly traditional way.

Let's start with the recipe, which is 100 percent rye. Most American whiskies today contain rye, but it is usually one of three grains used, even in some whiskies labelled as straight rye. Old Potrero keeps it simple with rye, rye and more rye.

This is then distilled in a small copper pot still at the Anchor Distilling Company in San Francisco. This type of still is unusual in a world of high-volume, highly technical modern production lines. It is good to see small, craft distillers, like Anchor Distilling, keeping the traditional production methods alive.

Old Potrero is then aged in new, charred oak barrels. Like most of the whisky produced in the 1800s, this is not very old. There is no age statement on the bottle, but we know some Old Potrero comes out of the barrel after about a year. However long it stays there for, this is undeniably a young whisky, just like it would have been back in the 19th century. Distillers back then were often farmers, using excess crop to make whisky rather than see it going to waste. It would have been sold as quickly as reasonably possible.

So that is how Old Potrero is made. The result is just how we imagine the old American whiskies were - rugged and spicy, with complex flavours taken from the time spent in the cask, and a bite from the alcohol content.

Add water to bring out Old Potrero's full, and delightful, character. It is like going back in time.

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 Anchor Distilling Company, San Francisco, California, USA
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