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Wasmund's Single Malt Barrel Kit

Wasmund's Single Malt Barrel Kit


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•  Age your own American Single Malt
•  Includes 2 litre charred oak barrel
•  Innovative and unique
•  ABV 62%, 2 x 75cl


Wasmund's Single Malt Barrel Kit allows you to create your own US-style single malt whisky with little fuss.

It is the coolest idea we have heard since Jack Daniel started charcoal filtering his whisky (and that was a long time ago).

The kit includes a mini barrel which holds 2 litres of distilled spirit. It is made with charred American white oak. It is this characteristic that will the give the whisky you age in the barrel an American feel.

Wasmund's Single Malt Barrel Kit also includes two 75cl bottles of Wasmund's Single Malt Spirit. It is bottled directly from the still so is 62% ABV and is clear. It is made with malted barley.

You also get a bung, serving spout, stand and instructions.

The rest is up to you. Age the single malt whisky to your own tastes, cut it with water as required, and present it as your own creation. And when you are finished, get some more un-aged whisky and start again as the barrel is re-usable. Each fill will be slightly different, with the first delivering clear oak flavours. Subsequent fills will result in more subtle flavours.

If you love whisky and are interested in how it is made, this is ideal. There is also a rye version, Wasmund's Rye Barrel Kit.

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 Copper Fox Distillery, Sperryville, Virginia, USA
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