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Wasmund's Rye Barrel Kit

Wasmund's Rye Barrel Kit


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•  Age your own American Rye Whisky
•  Includes 2 litre charred oak barrel
•  Innovative and unique
•  ABV 62%, 2 x 75cl


Most people who love whisky have an interest in the way it is made. The Copper Fox Distillery in Virginia has come up with an excellent idea to tap into that interest. It is Wasmund's Barrel Kit. This is the rye whisky version (there is also a single malt version, Wasmund's Single Malt Barrel Kit).

In the kit you get a re-usable 2 litre charred American white oak barrel and two 75cl bottles of barrel proof Wasmund's Rye Spirit. There is also a bung, serving spout, stand and instructions.

This is all you need to create your own aged American rye whisky.

The barrel is small so the whisky should mature quicker than standard-size barrels used in distilleries. The first fill will have unmistakable oak flavours in the traditional American style. Subsequent fills will be different, with the infusion of the wood with the whisky being more subtle.

This is a great way to create a rye whisky to your own taste. The two bottles of Wasmund's Rye Spirit are 62% ABV. The aging process will add flavours and reduce down the alcohol content. Once you decide to take it out of the barrel, you can cut it with water to lower the proof further and reduce alcohol burn, or keep it as is, serving it as your own barrel proof rye whisky.

Bet you can't wait.

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 Copper Fox Distillery, Sperryville, Virginia, USA
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