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Wild Turkey 8 Year Old 101 proof

Wild Turkey 8 Year Old 101 proof


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•  Aged 8 years
•  Top quality at low price
•  Intense, smooth and simply great
•  ABV 50.5%, 70cl


The flagship Wild Turkey bourbon whisky is the 101 brand. It used to carry an 8 year age statement, but no longer does. It is still a great bourbon, but it is not exactly the same as its more famous older brother.

Thankfully Wild Turkey also offers an alternative 101 brand bourbon whisky that has been aged for 8 years. That is Wild Turkey 8 Year Old 101.

It is produced using traditional bourbon-making methods, like all other brands from the distillery. Wild Turkey does not believe in cutting corners. They have been doing it this way since 1869 and show no signs of changing.

The result is a smooth, balanced and intense bourbon whisky.

Wild Turkey is one of our favourite brands, and Wild Turkey 8 Year Old 101 is our favourite in the range. It is hard to think of a better bourbon whisky in this price range.

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 Austin, Nichols Distilling Co., Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, USA
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