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St George Breaking and Entering Bourbon

St George Breaking and Entering Bourbon


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•  From respected craft distiller
•  An unabashed blend
•  Intense and complex
•  ABV 43%, 75cl


St George is a small distillery in Alameda, California. It was established in 1982 and was one of the first of the current crop of craft distilleries who make hand-crafted bourbons and whiskies with a focus on uniqueness and quality, rather than quantity.

The distillery is most famous for St George Single Malt Whiskey. It has been produced since 1996 and is distilled and aged entirely by the distillery.

Part of producing a single malt involves tasting and then blending whisky from the various barrels that have been aged. St George decided they were good at blending so went to Kentucky's best distilleries to get some bourbon to create St George Breaking and Entering Bourbon.

The name comes from a romantic notion that they went on a barrel heist, taking barrels full of Kentucky's finest in the dark of night. Obviously the process of acquiring the bourbon was much more civilised than that. What is remarkable, however, is how many they got.

St George Breaking and Entering Bourbon was made after 80 different bourbons from nearly 400 barrels were tasted by the people at the distillery. They selected the best of those and blended them together.

What they have made is a bourbon whisky that has diverse and complex flavours. It borrows noticeably from the great single malts, in that it is not as sweet as most bourbons. It is more middle of the road. Combine that with the great flavours and the result is a fantastic bourbon whisky.

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 St George Spirits, Alameda, California, USA
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