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Kentucky's Old Reserve Whiskey

Kentucky's Old Reserve Whiskey


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•  Straight bourbon
•  Value whiskey
•  Ideal as a mixer
•  ABV 40%, 75cl


Kentucky's Old Reserve Whiskey is from a company called Florida Caribbean Distillers. They primarily bottle products distilled elsewhere (as with this whisky) but they do distill some products, like rum, at their facility in Lake Alfred in Florida.

Other products in the range include vodka and tequila. They are also behind Lord Talbott's Gin.

Kentucky's Old Reserve Whiskey is value-range straight bourbon whisky. It is an alternative to the other day-to-day whiskies and bourbons that are, thankfully, becoming easier to get hold of here in the UK.

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 Florida Caribbean Distillers, Lake Alfred, Florida, USA
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