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Guckenheimer Blended Whiskey bottled in the 1970s

Guckenheimer Blended Whiskey bottled in the 1970s


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•  From now defunct distillery
•  Historical brand
•  Collector's item
•  ABV 43%, 94cl


Guckenheimer as a brand of whisky has its roots in 1846. It was then that a man named Thomas Bell built a distillery along the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Eleven years later two men, Asher Guckenheimer and his half-brother Samuel Wertheimer, opened a general store in the same area. The bought all of Bell's whiskey and sold it as their own private brand. Then, when Bell died, they bought his distillery and started to expand.

The distillery (and the company in general) was moved and sold several times over the years. In the 1970s, the brand Guckenheimer was owned by the American Distilling Company. It was in this period that this bottle of Guckenheimer Blended Whiskey was produced.

The American Distilling Company stopped production of all its whisky in 1979 and the Guckenheimer brand is now owned by Heaven Hill. Bottles this old, however, are a slice of the brand's history.

In 1972, around the time this bottle was produced, a US newspaper advertisement described Guckenheimer Blended Whiskey as a "great party whiskey, for hi-balls, straight or in cocktails!".

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