FEW White Whiskey

FEW White Whiskey


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•  Unaged white whisky
•  From Chicago craft distillery
•  Great as a mixer
•  ABV 40%, 75cl


FEW White Whiskey is another unaged spirit from a young, small distillery that has made its way to British shores.

The distillery is FEW Spirits which is based in Chicago. It is part of the burgeoning craft distillery industry in America. They are typically small producers in parts of America not traditionally known for whisky production (i.e. everywhere outside of Kentucky and Tennessee) who make hand-crafted spirits, usually with an unusual twist.

FEW Spirits is no different.

FEW White Whiskey is distilled as a whisky but is then bottled without being aged. It is reduced down to 40% ABV but still bites. This is expected as spending time in a barrel puts manors on most whiskies as the aging process tones down the alcohol burn. FEW White Whiskey, however, is young and brash.

Where it really shines is as a mixer. It is great in cocktails as well as with mixers like cola or soda.

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 Chicago Avenue, Evanston, Chicago, Illinois
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