Corsair Wry Moon

Corsair Wry Moon


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•  Rye whisky
•  Unaged
•  Excellent as a mixer
•  ABV 46%, 75cl


Corsair Wry Moon is an unaged rye whisky. It is made by the Corsair Distillery in Nashville in Tennessee, a craft distillery that makes unique and hand-made spirits.

The distillery uses rye as the grain for Corsair Wry Moon. A hand-worked pot still dating back to the 1920s is used in its production. Corsair says the traditional stills they use help preserve the natural spicy taste of rye.

It is unaged so is a white spirit that comes in at ABV 46%. It works great as a mixer in cocktails or other mixed drinks.

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 Corsair Distillery, Nashville, Tennessee, US
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