Balcones Brimstone

Balcones Brimstone


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•  Corn whisky from craft distillery
•  Smokey
•  Big and brash
•  ABV 53%, 75cl





Balcones Brimstone is a corn whisky which the distiller says is "Texas scrub oak smoked". So its smokey.

Balcones is a craft distiller based in Waco in Texas in the US. They make whisky and white spirits from scratch, including the Brimstone brand which went on sale in 2011.

The distillery likens the method they use to add smokiness to Balcones Brimstone to the use of peat when making Scotch. With Scottish whisky, peat is burned to dry the malted barley before distillation. During this process, the smoke from the peat becomes infused with the barley, adding a smokey taste to the subsequently produced whisky. In simple terms, the longer the barley is exposed to the peat smoke, the more smokey the resulting whisky will be.

Balcones keep the exact process they use as secret, but we know they use locally-sourced scrub oak instead of peat, and corn instead of barley.

Blacones Brimstone tastes young but is bold, balanced and brash. It has won awards and is rated highly by critics.

And the name is cool.

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Balcones Distillery, Waco, Texas, USA
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