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Top 10 Unusual Jack Daniel's Gift Ideas


Jack Daniel's is one of the biggest and most famous whisky brands in the world. It is steeped in history and has an image that is very stylish, modern and cool. It is therefore not surprising that there are loads of products that are Jack Daniel's related. There are hundreds to choose from, from the classic every day type gifts, to the unusual and distinctive. So, you could get that someone special a straightforward gift like a belt buckle, a t shirt or a hip flask.

But for those looking for something different we have created a list of the Top 10 Unusual Jack Daniel's Gift Ideas.



Jack Daniel's Contact Lens Case1. Contact Lens Case

Jack Daniel's sunglass cases are also available, a product that seems more suitable to the brand. But a contact lens case? It doesn't exude cool, but it is very practical.





Jack Daniels Lipstick Lighter2. Lipstick Lighter

First off, we are trying to figure out why a lighter in the style of a lipstick is a good idea. Could a normal lighter really be considered too big? Or the wrong shape? Regardless, it becomes much better once a Jack Daniel's logo is slapped on it (Get it? Slapped!).





Jack Daniel's Water Cannister and Leather Holder3. Water Cannister and Leather Holder

This is a lightweight water cannister in a branded leather holder. It is perfect for hikers, campers or anyone making their way home after a night in pub.






Jack Daniel's Polished Chrome Business Card Holder4. Chrome Business Card Holder

There is nothing that says "do business with me" better than a Jack Daniel's business card holder. Seriously. Just think twice before taking it out on a sales call with a Scottish Nationalist Party politician.





Jack Daniel's Manicure Set5. Manicure Set

Brings a whole new dimension to the beer goggle phenomena.(Editor's note: the author of this post is a man!).





Jack Daniel's Wood Smoking Chips6. Wood Smoking Chips

This is probably the best product on this list. It is made from 100% used whisky barrels from Jack Daniel's. I only wish I had an open fire.





Jack Daniel's Travel Razor7. Travel Razor

Distinguished, uber cool and utterly useless - perfect for the Jack Daniel's fan who has everything.




Jack Daniel's Pocket Watch8. Pocket Watch

If this was 1910 we would be saying this was the best product on the market. If this was 1960 we would be saying it was ok, but a little old fashioned. Today we are not sure what to say.




Jack Daniel's iPhone Case9. iPhone Case

Now we are talking - this is ultra modern and highly desirable. Apple is cool, Jack Daniel's is cool - need we say more?





Jack Daniel's Guitar10. Guitar

Quite simply the most beautiful Jack Daniel's product we have seen since the Belle of Lincoln bottle.





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