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Wild Turkey Ceramic Decanters


The Austin Nichols Distilling Co is the company behind Wild Turkey bourbon whisky. In the 1970s and 1980s, it released a range of ceramic decanters, all depicting the bird its famous bourbon was named after - the wild turkey. There were four main series plus another in the late 1980s. All were very intricate and colourful - and nothing like a standard bourbon whisky bottle.

They are collector's items now, both full of the original bourbon or empty. They are very rare today. This is down to many factors, including how long ago they were produced and sold. Another factor is the fact the decanters were made of ceramic - many have probably ended up in pieces on kitchens floors around the world.


Series 1 ran from 1971 until 1978 and featured depictions of wild turkeys in various poses. There were eight decanters in this series. Series 2 was the Wild Turkey Lore series which ran from 1979 to 1982. It also depicted wild turkeys in various poses alongside Wild Turkey Lore. An example of this lore is: "The Wild Turkey is one of the heaviest birds capable of flight. Yet it is unusually fast. The male bird has been clocked at speeds as high as 55 miles per hour. As America's most treasured native bird, the Wild Turkey is an apt symbol for Wild Turkey Bourbon - America's most treasured native whiskey."

Series 3 was a short series of three decanters from 1983. They all featured the wild turkey in action. Series 4 depicted the wild turkey encountering various different animals. There are nine decanters in series 4, which ran from 1984 to 1986. Finally, there was the short Habitat series from 1988 and 1989.


Series 1

Wild Turkey Decanter Male Standing 1971

#1 Male Standing


Wild Turkey Decanter Female on Log 1972

#2 Female on Log


Wild Turkey Decanter On the Wing 1973

#3 On the Wing


Wild Turkey Decanter With Poult 1974

#4 With Poult


Wild Turkey Decanter With Flags 1975

#5 With Flags


Wild Turkey Decanter Striding 1976

#6 Striding


Wild Turkey Decanter Taking Off 1977

#7 Taking Off


Wild Turkey Decanter Strutting 1978

#8 Strutting



Series 2

Wild Turkey Decanter Number 1 Lore 1979

# 1 Lore


Wild Turkey Decanter Number 2 Lore 1980

#2 Lore


Wild Turkey Decanter Number 3 Lore 1981

#3 Lore


Wild Turkey Decanter Number 4 Lore 1982

#4 Lore



Series 3

Wild Turkey Decanter Turkey in Flight 1983

#1 Turkey in Flight


Wild Turkey Decanter Turkey and Bobcat 1983

#2 Turkey & Bobcat


Wild Turkey Decanter Turkey Fighting 1983

#3 Turkey Fighting



Series 4

Wild Turkey Decanter Turkey and Eagle 1984

#1 Turkey & Eagle


Wild Turkey Decanter Turkey and Raccoon 1984

#2 Turkey & Racoon


Wild Turkey Decanter Turkey and Poults 1984

#3 Turkey & Poults


Wild Turkey Decanter Turkey and Fox 1985

#4 Turkey & Fox


Wild Turkey Decanter Turkey and Owl 1985

#5 Turkey & Owl


Wild Turkey Decanter Turkey and Cubs 1985

#6 Turkey & Cubs


Wild Turkey Decanter Turkey and Coyote 1986

#7 Turkey & Coyote


Wild Turkey Decanter Turkey and Falcon 1986

#8 Turkey & Falcon


Wild Turkey Decanter Turkey and Skunks 1986

#9 Turkey & Skunks



Habitat Series

Wild Turkey Decanter Habitat 1 1988

Habitat #1


Wild Turkey Decanter Habitat 2 1989

Habitat #2



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