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Jack Daniel's Honey

Jack Daniel's Honey


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•  Great Jack Daniel's blended with honey liqueur
•  Jack Daniel's with a difference
•  Smooth and verrrrrry easy to drink
•  ABV XX%, XXcl




Jack Daniel's Honey is one of the four main brands from the world famous Tennessee distillery. It sits at the top of the table with Jack Daniel's Old No.7, Gentleman Jack and Jack Daniel's Single Barrel.

To make Jack Daniel's Honey, the distillery first produces a unique honey liqueur. This is then blended with the Jack Daniel's whiskey we all know and love. It is bottled at a lower alcohol content than normal Jack Daniel's - ABV 35% instead of the more usual ABV 40%.

The result is an American whiskey that is both sweet and smooth.

So, is Jack Daniel's Honey a whiskey or a liqueur? Who cares. This is a drink that should not be compared with Jack Daniel's Old No.7 or any of your other favourite American whiskies or bourbons. It should be accepted for what it is: easy drinking with a fantastic and unmistakable Jack Daniel's influence. It is undeniably a complex drink with great depth.

Jack Daniel's Honey is best taken straight with ice.

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 Jack Daniel's Distillery, Lynchberg, Tennessee, USA
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