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Evan Williams 8 Year Old

Evan Williams 8 Year Old


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•  Uncommon version of popular brand
•  Aged 8 years
•  Smooth and mellow
•  ABV 43%, 100cl




Evan Williams is the second best selling brand of bourbon whisky in the USA. It is made by the Heaven Hill Distillery.

Evan Williams 8 Year Old is not one of the distillery's standard products. Evan Williams Black Label, Evan Williams Green Label and Evan Williams Single Barrel are the main versions of the brand.

But what about this 8 Year Old version? According to one of the workers at Heaven Hill, writing on the Straight Bourbon blog, Heaven Hill has bottled a lot of bourbons of differing ages with different alcohol proofs under the Evan William brand, although this was not done for any specific purpose or reason. As Heaven Hill is one of the largest bourbon whisky distilleries in the world and has hundreds of thousands of bourbon barrels aging at any one time, this is a credible story. One thing is for certain: Evan Williams 8 Year Old is not currently being produced so this is not a common bottle to see on sale in the UK.

This example is a big 100cl bottle with an ABV of 43%. It was made by two of the best distillers in the business, father and son duo Parker and Craig Beam.

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 Heaven Hill Distilleries, Bardstown, Kentucky, USA
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