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Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit

Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit


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•  Superb single barrel
•  Beautiful bottle design
•  Full-bodied and confident
•  ABV 50.5%, 75cl




Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit is a fantastic and award-winning single barrel bourbon whisky.

Each bottle is the product of just one barrel, personally selected by the Wild Turkey Master Distiller Jimmy Russell. This is not an easy task, particularly at a big producer like Wild Turkey. Jimmy Russell's challenge is to select barrels of good enough quality to be bottled on their own, while keeping a modicum of consistency so the Kentucky Spirit brand can grow. Every bottle is signed and comes with the barrel number, date and warehouse number printed on it. By its very nature, each bottle is produced in limited quantities.

Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit is bottled at the Wild Turkey Distillery standard of 101 proof (ABV 50.5%). Anyone who knows the 101 proof Wild Turkey kick will have some appreciation of what to expect from Kentucky Spirit. Unless you have tried Kentucky Spirit, however, you will not yet know just how full-bodied and confident this bourbon whisky is. It exists right on the knife-edge of being over-the-top, but falls beautifully into that slim and sparsely populated category of "just right".

Respected bourbon whisky reviewer Michael Jackson beautifully described Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit as "Wild Turkey in a coat and tie". Sipping it straight (with a dash of water) is the only way to drink it - a tuxedo, Aston Martin and Cuban cigar are all optional accessories.

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 Austin, Nichols Distilling Co., Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, USA
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