Very Old Barton

Very Old Barton


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•  Corn recipe
•  Aged 6 Years
•  Pure bourbon
•  ABV 50%, 75cl




Very Old Barton is a 6 year old bourbon whisky made from a recipe that contains a large percentage of corn. It comes from Sazerac, the company behind the Buffalo Trace, and is made at its Tom Moore Distillery.

This is the 100 proof Bottled in Bond version. That is an old legal classification first introduced in the late 1800s as a guarantee of quality. To carry a Bottled in Bond stamp, a distiller had to achieve certain standards. First, the whisky had to be the product of one year at one distillery. Even today, not many bourbon whiskies achieve that as most are blends of bourbons of different ages.

To be Bottled in Bond a bourbon whisky also had to be aged for at least four years and then be bottled at 100 proof. Very Old Barton meets all (and exceeds some) of those standards.

The recipe of Very Old Barton is 75 percent corn, 15 percent rye and 10 percent barley. The flavour is that of a very pure bourbon whisky, probably the reason why this is the bourbon of choice for many people in Kentucky, USA.

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 Tom Moore Distillery, Bardstown, Kentucky, USA
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