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Old Crow Bottled 1980s

Old Crow Bottled 1980s


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•  Historical bottling
•  Legendary brand
•  Collector's item
•  ABV 40%, 75cl



This is a bottling of Old Crow bourbon whisky from the 1980s. It has wide appeal as a collector's item.

The 1980s was a significant period in the history of Old Crow, the famous bourbon brand that has been around since the middle of the 1800s. Up until 1987 Old Crow was owned by National Distillers and was produced at the Old Crow Distillery in Kentucky.

Jim Beam bought National Distillers in 1987 and immediately closed the distillery, ending over 100 years of production (the Old Crow Distillery first opened in 1878).  It has since resurrected and revamped the brand, but the distillery is long gone.

This Old Crow, bottled in the 1980s, will have been from some of the last batches produced from that distillery.

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 Old Crow Distillery, Kentucky, USA
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