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Old Charter 8 Year Old

Old Charter 8 Year Old


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•  Aged 8 years
•  Historical brand
•  Well-crafted
•  ABV 40%, 75cl



Old Charter 8 Year Old is an old brand of bourbon whisky. It has been around for over 135 years.

In 1999 it was bought by the company behind the Buffalo Trace Distillery, Sazerac. The bourbon whisky on sale today under the Old Charter brand is therefore Buffalo Trace bourbon.

What they have done with Old Charter 8 Year Old should be respected. Buffalo Trace is a distillery that commands huge amounts of respect - including from us at Bourbon Whisky. It was a courageous decision to produce an aged, premium bourbon whisky to be bottled under the Old Charter brand. Often when distilleries decide to market bourbons under old brand names, they usually play it safe. Buffalo Trace aimed high and rightly so, given the quality of Old Charter 8 Year Old.

It is a bourbon whisky that scores highly among critics. It is medium-bodied with some spiciness and sweetness. Old Charter 8 Year Old finishes long, resulting in a well-crafted bourbon whisky.

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 Buffalo Trace Distillery, Franklin County, Frankfort, Kentucky, USA
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