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Old Charter 10 Year Old

Old Charter 10 Year Old


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•  Aged 10 years
•  Elegant, rich and smooth
•  Unbelievable value
•  ABV 43%, 75cl



Old Charter 10 Year Old bourbon whisky is distilled at the Buffalo Trace Distillery. On some of the distillery's marketing materials there is a quote from Wine Enthusiast magazine (which gives Old Charter 10 Year Old an impressive 90 rating). It says this is a bourbon whisky that "should be reserved for postprandial consumption".

We at Bourbon Whisky are not ashamed to say we had to look up "postprandial" in the dictionary. It means "after a meal, especially after dinner". It is a great word that came into general usage in the 1800s.

Old Charter is a bourbon whisky that was first produced in the same century. The brand was established in 1874 by whisky maker A B Chapeze. It went through many changes of ownership through the years until it was bought in 1999 by Sazerac. They are the company behind the Buffalo Trace Distillery.

Old Charter 10 Year Old is a big-bodied bourbon whisky that is elegant and rich. The finish is long with a smooth sweetness making this exceptionally easy to drink.

Finally, look at the price. In our view, it moves Old Charter 10 Year Old from the category of great bourbon to sensational bourbon. You will struggle to find a whisky of any description that is better value than Old Charter 10 Year Old.

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 Buffalo Trace Distillery, Franklin County, Frankfort, Kentucky, USA
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