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Jim Beam Devil's Cut

Jim Beam Devil's Cut


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•  Imaginative take of legendary brand
•  Smooth and full-bodied
•  The devil's got wood, but you can have the bourbon
•  ABV 45%, 70cl




Jim Beam Devil's Cut is made with bourbon whisky extracted from the very wood of the barrel. This bourbon is then blended with a 6-year-old Jim Beam bourbon whisky.

That is a two-sentence description of what is really an extraordinary drink. It deserves much more, so here is our best shot.

We all know about the Angel's Share. That is the bourbon whisky that evaporates from the barrel during the years of aging. The Angel's Share is the part of the world's best spirit that they keep for themselves. It happens, to a greater or lesser degree, to every barrel of bourbon whisky, but obviously the longer it is aged, the more of a cut the angels take.

However, evaporation does not account for all of the bourbon whisky lost during the aging process. A small amount also becomes trapped inside the barrel's wood. Jim Beam calls this the devil's cut - and they are taking it back.

We do not know what methods Jim Beam uses (or deals it has struck) to get the trapped bourbon whisky out of the wood. What we do know is they blend it with a 6-year-old Jim Beam. The result is a unique and imaginative 90 proof (ABV 45%) bourbon whisky.

Jim Beam Devil's Cut is a bit fiery (it is 90 proof after-all) with spice and sweetness. It is will rounded with rich woody flavours that are not overbearing.

And the label is very cool, as is the price.

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 Jim Beam Distillery, Clermont, Kentucky, USA
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