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We came across this really interesting US Whisky Map on the web recently showing the locations of all the whisky distilleries in the US.

The whisky market in the US, as here in the UK, changes all the time as distilleries are bought, are sold, close down, and open up. This is particularly the case over the past two to three years with the increase in the amount of craft distillers. So understandably this is a little bit out of date. Mostly it is accurate and, regardless, it is informative.

Most of the distilleries are centered in Tennessee - the home of Jack Daniel's - and Kentucky - the only state in the US where bourbon can legally be made. The north east of the country also has several distilleries, as does the west coast.


Many of the distilleries do not sell products here in the UK. That is also a picture that is changing rapidly as bourbon whisky and other American whisky drinks become more popular this side of the Atlantic.

You never know, this US Whisky Map might even help if you are planning a trip to the US and hope to visit the place your favourite tipple is produced.


US Whiskey Map

Source: Sloshspot


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