Jesse James Bourbon

Jesse James Bourbon


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•  Aged 3 years
•  Celebrity bourbon whisky
•  Mixer
•  ABV 40%, 75cl




Jesse James Bourbon is a three-year-old blended bourbon whisky.

It is a brand very much tailored for a particular section of the US market. So much so that much of the marketing message is likely to be lost on those of us here in the UK.

Jesse James Bourbon is being pitched as an "Outlaw Bourbon". This is based on the name. The original Jesse James was a true American outlaw. He lived around the time of the American Civil War and became famous as a gang leader, bank robber, train robber and murderer.

So the maker of Jesse James Bourbon is likening this whisky to the romanticised 19th century criminal, Jesse James. Its website admits the outlaw Jesse James is a controversial character but goes on to say that "from a folklore perspective his name is recognized as a symbol of the tenacious and rebellious spirit that is uniquely American".

The makers are also likening this bourbon whisky to another Jesse James - Jesse James Dupree. He is involved in the company behind Jesse James Bourbon. In fact the website lists him as a founder.

Jesse James Dupree is in the rock band Jackyl. Although it is not well known in the UK, in parts of the US Jackyl is popular.

Here is Jesse James Dupree's contribution to the marketing of "his" new whisky, Jesse James Bourbon: "I have personally been responsible for millions of gallons of beer and whiskey that have been consumed over the years. It should have all been Jesse James Beer and Whiskey and from here on out, it will be! I may be the driving force that makes Jesse James Whiskey available, but it belongs to and is a salute to all of us outlaws who bust our knuckles 40 or 50 hours a week, and like to do things loud, proud, hard, and honest."

You can be the judge of that marketing effort. In regards to the bourbon whisky, it is at the lower end of the market. Use it as a mixer, particularly in cola drinks - and as a (admittedly brief) conversation piece.

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