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Jack Daniel's 1981 Gold Medal

Jack Daniel's 1981 Gold Medal


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•  Commemorative bottle
•  Celebrates international award won in 1981
•  7th in a series
•  ABV 43%, 100cl



Jack Daniel's 1981 Gold Medal is the seventh in a series from Jack Daniel's commemorating its international awards.

The competition it entered in 1981 was the Monde Selection Institut Pour Les Selections De La Qualité. It is a Brussels based organisation. Every year thousands of products are entered for it to evaluate - in 2011, 2,837 products were entered from 77 countries. The categories range from spirits to soft drinks to cosmetics. All the products are given a score out of 100. Those receiving a score over 60 get either a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Grand Gold classification.

To get Grand Gold the product has to score over 90 - this is the award Jack Daniel's received in 1981, i.e. the highest classification possible.

The decision by the Jack Daniel's Distillery to even enter the competition is an interesting one. It had not participated in anything like this for 27 years (the previous occasion was when it was awarded the Star of Excellence in Brussels in 1954).

During that 27 years Jack Daniel's was bought by its current owners, Brown-Forman. The brand also experienced a huge expansion in popularity as sales increased by over 1,000% by the end of the 1970s. Jack Daniel's was on sale worldwide.

So, entering a competition like the Institut Pour Les Selections De La Qualité in 1981 was brave. But Jack Daniel's did it and they were successful, collecting the Grand Gold Medal at a ceremony in Amsterdam.

Jack Daniel's 1981 Gold Medal was released as a commemorative bottle in 2006. It is the traditional 86 proof (43% ABV) US whisky inside, although for many people this will be a bottle to collect, rather than drink.

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 Jack Daniel's Distillery, Lynchberg, Tennessee, USA
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