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Evan Williams Single Barrel


Evan Williams Single Barrel


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•  Vintage bourbon whisky
•  Award-winning
•  Lingers beautifully
•  ABV 43.3%, 70cl




Evan Williams Single Barrel is a vintage bourbon whisky from Heaven Hill. Much like wine, it is released annually. This is not only unusual for bourbon, it is unusual for whisky generally.
Heaven Hill is on to a winner, though, as this is a much acclaimed and award-winning bourbon whisky. Bartender Magazine, for example, has named Evan Williams Single Barrel its Whiskey of the Year five times.
Evan Williams Single Barrel is aged for nine years but thankfully the oak taste on drinking is not overbearing. Instead it is slightly sweet and slightly spicy on the palette, with a finish that lingers beautifully.
Try not to pour a second glass - or a third or fourth.
A final comment on the price, which is remarkable for a whisky a specialised as this. Evan Williams Single Barrel is a premium bourbon whisky that is accessible to everyone.

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Heaven Hill Distilleries, Bardstown, Kentucky, USA
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