Copper Fox Rye


Copper Fox Rye


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•  Craft rye
•  Aged for 12 months using winemaking method
•  Fruity with some spice
•  ABV 40%, 70cl



Copper Fox Rye is part of a spirit making revolution sweeping the US, i.e. small, artisan distilleries making ground-breaking products. The Copper Fox Distillery, based in Virginia, has only been operating since 2005.
Other products from Copper Fox have been available in the UK, including Wasmund's Single Malt.
Copper Fox Rye is a very unusual product in that it cannot be called a whisky. It is aged for just 12 months before it is bottled. In the UK, a spirit must be aged for at least three years before it can be called a whisky. Similar rules apply in the US. Additionally, in the US, regulations dictate that whisky must be aged in new American oak barrels. Copper Fox Rye is not aged in such barrels but instead in used bourbon barrels.
It is an intriguing product, nonetheless.
The recipe is two-thirds Virginia rye and one-third malted barley. The malt is smoked using apple wood and cherry wood smoke (instead of peat).
It is double pot-distilled and non-chill filtered.
The aging process is unique in whisky making as the used bourbon barrels contain new and used apple wood and oak chips. This infuses with the spirit. The result is remarkable given how short a time this spirit is aged.
While this technique of aging is common in wine making, whisky producers frown on it as a form of cheating. The Copper Fox Distillery brazenly (and rightly) ignores such conventions in its pursuit of creating a good drink.
So, Copper Fox Rye is made using a combination of methods taken from Scotch whisky production, American whisky production and wine making.
The taste is fruity with some spice - it works well in cocktails.

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Copper Fox Distiller, Sperryville, Virginia, USA
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