Buffalo Trace 45%


Buffalo Trace 45%


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•  90 proof flagship
•  Everyday drinker
•  Masculine
•  ABV 45%, 70cl




This is an ABV 45% version of the flagship Buffalo Trace bourbon whisky from the distillery of the same name. This is the more traditional strength of whisky - and it is cheaper than the 100 proof, ABV 45% version.
It has always been surprising to us at Bourbon Whisky that Buffalo Trace is not more popular in the UK. We have seen it, on occasion, on the shelves of some supermarkets, but that is very rare. This is a travesty as Buffalo Trace is one of the best standard bourbons available.
Don't just take our word for it though. Jim Murray describes it as one of the "world's great whiskies".
Buffalo Trace is a big, robust bourbon whisky - almost masculine. The much-loved sweetness of bourbon is very evident - expect also vanilla and some spiciness on the palate. It finishes long, lingering beautifully.
This is a great bourbon whisky.


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Buffalo Trace Distillery, Franklin County, Frankfort, Kentucky, USA
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