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Maker’s Mark Black Wax

Makerís Mark Black Wax


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•    It’s got oomph
•    Popular and rare when in production
•    Collector’s item
•    ABV 47.5%, 75cl






Maker’s Mark Black Wax, also known as Maker’s Mark Black Label, is not made any more. Even when it was made, it was produced in limited quantities and was only sold in the duty free and Asian markets.

So, while it could be picked up at reasonable prices when it was being produced (if you were in an airport or travelling, most probably in Japan) it was still a hard to get bourbon whisky.

Now it is regarded as a collector’s item. Tasting reviews are very positive from the time are typically positive, with it being described as standard Maker’s Mark (with the red wax) with oomph.

 The oomph is probably down to the higher-than-usual strength – 95 proof.

The bottle looks sexy with the black wax seal. Why Maker’s Mark does not make it today, we do not know. We wish they would though.


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Maker's Mark Distillery, Loretto, Kentucky, USA
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