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Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project

Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project


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•    192 barrels producing 1,396 tastes
•    Unique and ambitious development
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•    ABV 45%, 37.5cl




Buffalo Trace, one of the most respected whisky distilleries in the world, has embarked on a project to create the perfect bourbon. The Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project is how it plans to do it. It is one of the most ambitious, brave and, it must be said, obsessive bourbon whisky developments we have ever come across.

They are looking at seven aspects of the process of making bourbon whisky. The first four are to do with the production of the barrel. The trees used to make the barrels for the project where handpicked in Missouri – 96 trees. That is the first of the seven variations. The second is the position in the tree where the wood came from – top or bottom. The third is the staves, which were created from these sections and then air dried for either 12 months or 6 months. The fourth is two different char levels, including the traditional Buffalo trace 55 second burn.

The final three variations concerned the recipe of the mashbill (rye or wheat), barrel filling proof (105 and 125), and the position in the warehouse where the barrel was aged (in a warehouse with wooden ricks or one with concrete floors).

A total of 192 barrels make up the Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project. The distillery is releasing them in batches of 12 (there have been four releases up to March 2012) and it wants those who buy to give their opinion on the taste at www.singleoakproject.com.

The amount available is very restricted and sales are usually limited to a couple per customer. The bottles are 375ml and it is not possible to specify the exact variation or bottle number, although once you register your bottle on the website its full details will be made available to you.

This is an opportunity to try something very unique and participate in an extraordinary experiment in the modern development of bourbon whisky.

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Buffalo Trace Distillery, Franklin County, Frankfort, Kentucky, USA
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