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•    Smooth and impressive
•    Rye recipe
•    Aged 4+ years
•    ABV 50.5%, 75cl







Wild Turkey Rye is an incredibly rich, spicy and smooth rye whisky. It comes from one of the most popular US whisky distilleries – one with an almost cult-like following.

Rye whisky is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with more variations becoming available every year. As the name suggests, it is produced using a grain recipe that has a very high ratio of rye – at least 51%. For some manufacturers the whisky produced is harsh. That is not a description that applies to Wild Turkey Rye.

Wild Turkey Rye is bottled at 101 proof (ABV 50.5%) so should be taken seriously (like Wild Turkey’s collection of bourbon whiskies, in fact).

It is taken seriously by experts and is admired by seasoned whisky fans. It is hard to find anyone who has a strong dislike of Wild Turkey Rye.

That provides many reasons to try it. If you have not tried rye whisky before, Wild Turkey Rye is a good place to start. If you have tried rye, Wild Turkey Rye is a well-priced alternative. Or if you are a fan of Wild Turkey (like us at Bourbon Whisky) then their rye offering should be sampled.

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Austin, Nichols Distilling Co., Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, USA
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