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•    "Bootleg" whisky
•    Unashamedly rye
•    Fantastic history
•    ABV 40%, 70cl




Templeton Rye is an outlaw whisky – well, it used to be. It went on sale in its current form in 2006. This was the first time Templeton Rye had ever been sold legally.

Its history goes back to prohibition times in the US in 1920 when the manufacture and sale of alcohol was against the law. The 350 residents of Templeton in Iowa decided to defy the government and produce a whisky – Templeton Rye.

It put the small town on the map as bootleggers sold the illegal whisky all over the country. Legendary mobster Al Capone is said to have led the way selling hundreds of kegs.

Even when prohibition ended, Templeton Rye continued to be produced illegally for a period of time for fans remembering the speakeasies.

Fast forward to the 21st century and a couple of descendents of men who lived in Templeton during the bootlegging days set about resurrecting the brand. They teamed up with another man, Alphonse Kerkhoff, who had been one of the distillers of the prohibition era whisky.

They say they have reproduced the original recipe to make the Templeton Rye on sale today.

Templeton Rye is actually produced at Lawrenceburg Distillers in Indiana and then transported to Templeton in Iowa for bottling. However, a distillery has been built in Templeton and they are increasing production every year.

Templeton Rye is unashamedly rye whisky. It finishes clean and smooth but there is no mistaking that it is rye in the glass. It is a huge whisky with an equally huge history.

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Templeton Rye, Templeton, Iowa, USA
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