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Michter's Small Batch American Whiskey

Michter's Small Batch American Whiskey


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•    Aged in used bourbon barrels
•    Famous and old brand
•    Sipping whiskey
•    ABV 41.7%, 75cl








Michter’s Small Batch American Whiskey is aged in “bourbon soaked barrels”. This essentially means it is aged in used barrels. For a whisky to be called a bourbon one of the criteria is that it is aged in new barrels. That is why this is called American Whiskey.

Not much else is known for sure about the production of Michter’s Small Batch American Whiskey. It used to be a lot simpler.

The brand name is one the oldest and most famous in US whiskey history. The now defunct Michter’s Distillery in Pennsylvania dates back 1753. It stopped producing in 1989.

Before it closed everything was straightforward – the Michter’s Distillery distilled, aged and bottled the much loved variations of Michter’s whiskey.

Now the brand Michter’s is ultimately owned by a New York drinks’ company – Chatham Imports. They contract the bottling of Michter’s to Kentucky Bourbon Distillers. But Kentucky Bourbon Distillers do not distil whiskey. Where Michter’s Small Batch American Whiskey was actually distilled is not confirmed, but it most likely came from Heaven Hill.

That’s all very interesting, you might say, but what about the whisky in the bottle. Michter’s Small Batch American Whiskey is an interesting drink, although not spectacular. It is worth a sip though. Or two... Or three...



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Chatham Imports, Fifth Avenue, New York, USA
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