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•    Hand-crafted by bourbon legend
•    Completes maturation in port barrels
•    Artisan bourbon at its best
•    ABV 43.3%, 75cl










Angel’s Envy is a premium bourbon whisky from micro-distiller Louisville Distilling. It was crafted by legendary bourbon distiller Lincoln Henderson. He is the former master distiller at Brown-Forman and is a member of the bourbon hall of fame. During his time at Brown-Forman he helped develop Woodford Reserve, among other things.

Angel’s Envy bourbon whisky is distilled from a specifically developed mashbill using grains grown in Kentucky. After distilling the spirit is put in new oak barrels for aging, like all other bourbons. It spends at least four years in these barrels, although some of it spends as many as six years. It only gets out of the barrel when Lincoln decides it is ready.

This is where the production of Angel’s Envy deviates from the path of most bourbon whiskies. Before bottling the aged Angel’s Envy bourbon whisky is put into used port barrels from Portugal for a further three to six months. This adds sticky wine flavours to the grainy, sweet bourbon whisky.

After this final step of aging the bourbon whisky is blended for the perfect taste and bottled in a striking, curvaceous bottle.

And it is fantastic. Angel’s Envy is light, smooth and sweet. The wine flavours do not dominate, but rather complement the bourbon whisky.

This is artisan bourbon whisky at its best. Everything about it is appealing from the team behind it, to the production methods, to the bottle design.

Even the name is interesting. It comes from the old bourbon tradition of an “angel’s share”. This is the name given to the bourbon whisky that evaporates from the barrel during aging – it was taken by angels. Angel’s Envy hints that with his bourbon whisky, they did not get enough.



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Louisville Distilling Co, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
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