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Wasmund's Single Malt Spirit

Wasmund's Single Malt Spirit


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•    Big and strong
•    Uniquely produced
•    To be taken seriously
•    ABV 62%, 75cl

Wasmund’s Single Malt Spirit is a high strength, award winning, clear spirit from the Copper Fox Distillery in Virginia in the US.

It is made using floor-malted barley that is grown close to – and exclusively for – the distillery. Unlike the common method used in Scotland of drying barley using peat, Wasmund’s Single Malt Spirit is dried using the smoke of an apple, cherry and oak wood fire.

It is distilled one barrel at a time in a double pot still and is then aged for less than 30 days. So, before the spirit gets comfortable in the barrel it is bottled, cask-strength and uncompromised.

This is a carefully crafted spirit from a small micro distiller with just a handful of workers. Obviously the high alcohol content must not be underestimated, but this is an interesting spirit from an interesting – and developing – distillery.

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Copper Fox Distillery, Sperryville, Virginia, USA
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