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Stillbrook Old Style Whiskey

Stillbrook Old Style Whiskey


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•    Made but not aged like bourbon
•    Unique
•    Excellent value
•    ABV 40%, 100cl

Stillbrook Old Style Whiskey is a bit different from most of the whiskies featured on Bourbon Whisky. It is produced in a very similar way to bourbon whisky in regard to the mashbill and distilling method. And it is distilled in Kentucky.

For a whisky to be called bourbon it needs to be made like this, i.e. made in Kentucky in the US and to a certain recipe. There is one further element, though – it must be aged for a certain period of time in brand-new barrels. Stillbrook Old Style is aged in used barrels.

So it cannot be called a bourbon whisky. That said, it is probably closer to the way American whisky was made 100 or 150 years ago.

Stillbrook Old Style Whiskey is from McCormick Distilling Co. It is bottled at their base in Weston, Missouri.

So, Stillbrook Old Style Whiskey is an unusual and rare American variety. This is a big 100cl bottle at a good price.

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McCormick Distilling Co, Weston, Missouri, USA
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