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•    High rye recipe
•    Traditional style
•    Cult following
•    ABV 43%, 75cl

In the 2003 movie Bad Santa, Billy Bob Thornton plays a whisky-swilling conman who spends his time stealing and swearing at children. What was his whisky of choice? It was Old Grand Dad.

Okay, it is just a movie, but the bourbon casting is as genius as the lead role. Billy Bob Thornton is rugged, a bit unkempt and rough around the edges. So is Old Grand Dad bourbon whisky. And just like the actor, it has a huge and fanatical following.

It is a rye recipe bourbon whisky that has a spicy kick. It is often used as a mixer, often by those without patience, who reach for the cola at the first whiff of alcohol and tough initial taste.

That is not the only way to drink Old Grand Dad bourbon whisky, though. Go slowly and take a few more sips straight to let the full character unfold.

Old Grand Dad bourbon whisky is part of the Jim Beam family today but it has been around since the mid-19th century. The man on the bottle is Basil Hayden, a bourbon pioneer from the earliest days of American whisky distilling.


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Jim Beam Distillery, Clermont, Kentucky, USA
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