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Jack Daniel’s 1954 Gold Medal Litre

Jack Danielís 1954 Gold Medal Litre bourbon whisky


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•    Commemorative edition
•    Striking design
•    Big bottle
•    ABV 43%, 100cl



Jack Daniel’s 1954 Gold Medal is part of the range of commemorative bottles released by Jack Daniel’s periodically. This is the 100cl version of the 1954 Gold Medal bottle.

The award won in 1954 was the Belgium Star of Excellence. It was won by Jack Daniel’s without fanfare, manipulation, or canvassing. Three bottles were simply plucked from the production line and shipped off to Belgium for the competition. It was not considered necessary to carefully decide which specific brand and individual bottles should be sent because “all Jack Daniel’s is special”.

It is a striking and beautiful bottle, perfect for drinking or collecting.

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