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St George American Single Malt Whiskey

St George American Single Malt Whiskey


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•    Single malt
•    From California
•    Something different
•    ABV 43%, 75cl







St George American Single Malt Whiskey stands out from the crowd. Single malts are usually the domain of Scottish and Irish distilleries, with American whisky makers sticking to traditional American styles like bourbon.

The St George distillery is in California (not to be confused it with the one in England). They have been making spirits for about 30 years and described themselves as “artisan distillers since 1982”. The St George American single Malt was first launched in the mid-1990s.

They use part roasted, part smoked two-row barley and distil in a copper pot still. The whisky is then aged in a mixture of different barrels (old bourbon, old sherry, French Oak etc) for varying lengths of time – four years to as much as 13 years typically. Then it is blended to make a single malt whisky the distillery describes as “gentle and inviting”. The bottle is wine-bottle-style with a dragon wrapped around the St George’s Cross.

It all makes for an interesting whisky that will not disappoint.

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St George Spirits, Alameda, California, USA
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