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Old Grand Dad Bottled 1980s

Old Grand Dad Bottled 1980s


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•    Collector’s item
•    High rye
•    Historical brand
•    ABV 40%, 70cl




Old Grand Dad frequently features in lists of the top 10 best selling bourbon whiskies in the world. The brand has a long history going back to late 1800s. This particular bottle, however, was produced in the 1980s.

This was a time of change for Old Grand Dad. It was owned by National Distillers until 1987 when the brand was sold to Fortune Brands, part of the massive Beam corporation. It is still owned by the company behind Jim Beam today.

During most of the 1980s Old Grand was part of the National Distillers bourbon whisky stable. However, the story began many decades before.

Old Grand Dad started in 1882 when Raymond B Hayden, a whisky entrepreneur from a long line of distillers, built a distillery. He made bourbon whisky in the traditional way with a recipe made with high rye content. Thirty percent of the mash bill was rye which differs from typical bourbon whiskies which contain 15%. Beam maintains this high rye recipe in the Old Grand produced today.

Raymond B Hayden named his bourbon whisky Old Grand Dad in honour of his grandfather, Basil Hayden, who was also a whisky distiller.

Old Grand Dad changed hands over the late 1800s and early 1900s until prohibition, when it was owned by the Wathen family. The sale to National Distillers took place after prohibition.

So, Old Grand Dad is not only a famous bourbon whisky today - it also has a long heritage. This 1980s bottle of Old Grand Dad is a small way of owning part of the history.




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Jim Beam Distillery, Clermont, Kentucky, USA
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