George Dickel Barrel Select

George Dickel Barrel Select


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•    Small batch
•    Aged 10-12 years
•    Charcoal mellowed for smoothness
•    ABV 43%, 75cl


George Dickel Barrel Select is a small batch whisky from the George Dickel Distillery, Tennessee’s other whisky producer. Like its neighbour Jack Daniel’s, George Dickel uses charcoal mellowing to make its whisky that bit smoother.

Just ten barrels are selected for each bottling run, making it a very small batch compared to some others. The distillery says the master distiller picks the barrels at “peak periods of maturation”. Each has been aged between 10 and 12 years.

The distinct bottle was designed to commemorate the re-opening of the George Dickel Distillery in 2003.

Do not expect bold flavours or a boisterous character from George Dickel Barrel Select. It is not that type of whisky. It is one to sip and enjoy, not drink and try to understand. It is about quiet refinement and having nothing to prove.

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George Dickel Distillery, Tullahoma, Tennessee, USA
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