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Hudson Four Grain Bourbon

Hudson Four Grain Bourbon whiskey


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•    Corn, rye, wheat and barley
•    Aged in small barrels
•    Made in New York
•    ABV 46%, 35cl


Hudson Four Grain Bourbon is made, you will not be surprised to hear, with a four-grain recipe – corn, rye, wheat and barley. It is produced at the Tuthilltown Spirits, the first in New York state to make whisky since prohibition. That was in 2006.

Since then their Hudson range has become increasingly popular. It is popular enough to have made it to the UK which is impressive for a micro-distiller.

The distillery says the four grains complement each other - “soft richness” (corn) combining with peppery sharpness (rye) combining with subtle smoothness (wheat) combining with “sweetness” (barley).

The use a potstill and distil the spirit twice. It is then aged for an unspecified time in small American oak casks. The unique bottles (which are 35cl) are each numbered.

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Tuthilltown Spirits, Gardiner, New York, USA
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