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Georgia Moon Peach

Georgia Moon Peach corn whisky


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•    Peach-flavoured corn whisky
•    Aged less than 30 days
•    Moonshine
•    ABV 35%, 75cl


We think Georgia Moon Peach is an unfortunate name for a whisky, particularly one that has connections to moonshine. It sounds more like the name of the unfortunate child of a footballer or disconnected pop star rather than a whisky that is best taken straight off the still. But Georgia Moon Peach it is.

It is a corn whisky made with ingredients that comprise at least 81% corn, and it is aged for less than 30 days. The label on the bottle promises this, i.e. that it is no older than 30 days.

Georgia Moon Peach is then lightly flavoured with peach. It is a Heaven Hill invention that comes in a Mason jar (which looks cool) which sparks curiosity, if nothing else. And if cocktail-making is your thing, it may just become a regular ingredient.

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Heaven Hill Distilleries, Bardstown, Kentucky, USA
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