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Georgia Moon Lemonade

Georgia Moon Lemonade corn whisky


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•    Lemon-flavoured corn whisky
•    Aged less than 30 days
•    Moonshine
•    ABV 35%, 75cl


This Georgia Moon is raw corn whisky flavoured with lemon. It is lemonade in the US-style, i.e. with real lemons, not the sugary, fizzy variety of lemonade we are familiar with.

Producing corn whisky is something Heaven Hill appears to be committed to. It is a harsher and more alcohol-tasting drink than whisky so is not to everyone’s liking. However, if you like your whisky and enjoy trying the differing styles, then it should be tried. The Lemonade version of Georgia Moon takes some of the edge out, which is nice. It also works well as an ingredient in cocktails to give drinks an extra kick.

Corn whisky is made with ingredients made up of at least 80% corn and is not aged for very long. Georgia Moon proudly states that it has been aged for “less than” 30 days. It comes in a Mason jar.

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Heaven Hill Distilleries, Bardstown, Kentucky, USA
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