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Georgia Moon

Georgia Moon corn whisky


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•    Corn whisky
•    Aged less than 30 days
•    Moonshine
•    ABV 40%, 75cl


Georgia Moon is a corn whisky that promises it has been aged for “less than 30 days”. It is made by Heaven Hill.

Corn whisky is made with a grain recipe made up of at least 81% corn. It is the big brother of the much more popular bourbon variety. The people at Heaven Hill, however, are proud they are keeping the corn version alive.

Georgia Moon is perfectly clear and is cut down to ABV 40%. It is harsher than other whiskies given time to mature but there is a place for it among connoisseurs. Corn whisky is also becoming popular as a cocktail ingredient.

To give it an even more authentic moonshine feel, Georgia Moon comes in a Mason jar.

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Heaven Hill Distilleries, Bardstown, Kentucky, USA
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